Commercial Services

Website Design, Construction & Maintenance

Our team have created contemporary websites for businesses across a range of different public and private sectors. We aim to get you and your business online with ease without breaking the bank. All of our sites are fully responsive meaning they are compliant with many different types of mobiles, tablets and computer screen sizes.

Our sites are constructed around your requirements and are built with care and precision. We can help you join the many millions of businesses online and your designs working alongside our creativity and ambition can lead to your business being
Found, Trusted and Chosen.

If you would like us to maintain your new or current site and improve its functionality or design. We also offer a range of bespoke maintenance packages that are tailored to your business requirements. We know that every business is unique and therefore we don’t believe in the one sized fits all approach.

Search Engine Optimisation

The higher a website naturally ranks in organic searches the greater chance the site will be visited by a user.
We can help to ensure that your site is accessible to search engines and easily found by users.

What is SEO?
SEO is about making sure that your website provides answers, relatable content and relevance to a users search query. By optimising your website and the information it contains, you can increase the click through rate to your website from search results.

What influences online search rankings?
There are many things that influence search engine rankings such as; backlinks, keywords, site speed, site content, location, HTML/CSS code, mobile compatibility, spam content etc…

We can help review what may be impacting your rankings and improve your overall websites performance.

“Sussex Content Specialists have been instrumental in providing expert advice and designing our company website. We now have an exceptionally high quality product which reflects the work that we do on behalf of our clients. I would highly recommend them as they took the time to fully understand our requirements and the market we were trying to appeal to and I have no doubt he could assist any business looking at website design or marketing.”

Website Analytics

Our team can help improve your website by understanding how potential new customers engage with your online content.

With the help of analytical software, we can monitor and track key demographics, client locations and customer behaviour on your website. We then present this information to you in a basic report which is easy to understand and allows you to implement changes, generating new leads.

By analysing your online marketing efforts and social campaigns we can suggest methods of how to improve your business growth and how best to generate new sales leads.

We are here to support your business with its digital journey. So why not contact us today, we can help you:

1) Maximise your online reach
2) Improve engagement with your customers
3) Communicate effectively
4) Generate new business and marketing ideas
5) Understand the importance of your online profile

Social Media Management

We can help you build new relationships, grow your business, generate new sales leads and increase brand awareness all through the power of Social Media.

Tell your story!

With over 3.8 billion active social media accounts worldwide, making you and your business stand out on one of the busiest markets across the globe may seem daunting and unimaginable, but we know it is so important to business growth, brand awareness and business development.

So you may be asking how do you make you and your business stand out in this market place?
We can assist with this, we make sure your business is presented in a professional manor online by using a combination of premium stock photography, custom made graphics, videos or company assets to help attract the right target market.

What is the best form of Social Media Content?
With our in house photographers and videographers we can assist with making personalised content that is unique to your business. Video is proven to achieve the most engagement on social media, so using an extensive database of high definition photographs and videos we can put your business in the spotlight online.

Community Management

Our team can help you manage your Customer Response. By this we mean, we can assist you with keeping on top of any comments, recommendations, messages or queries that come through for your business which can be extremely time consuming.

We can go further by helping you and your business identify key influencers and influential people within your industry that can help you gain increased exposure.

Analyse, Assess, Improve

With any of our Social Media Packages we can help track, assess and analyse the results of any marketing campaign / content that your business runs.

Our reports offer you a clear understanding of who your content is reaching, how many people you are reaching and how these people are interacting with your business. Whether this is via impressions, engagement, website clicks, social growth or product purchases, our analytics are presented in a clear, focused way that allows you to understand what works and what doesn’t within your industry.

How do we know what content you are posting prior to it being published?
We create schedules of posts in advance, so you can provide feedback and have ultimate control on what gets posted to your social accounts.