Pricing and Process

We like to keep our Pricing and Process as transparent as we can. Each and every job is priced individually.
After the initial FREE CONSULTATION you will receive your personalised quotation regarding the requested work.
Usually this is done within a week of the initial consultation with one of our members of the team.

Commercial Business

It can be very easy to find ourselves in a position where mid way through a project you may wish to change direction, change the style or change the outcome of previously agreed works.

Well this is no problem at all!

We understand as a business that your requirements may continually change. As a business we value ourselves on the ability to adapt and be flexible with our clients and the work that they request us to perform. So if midway through a project you wish to change the approach or style of the works requested, we will revise our quotation to accommodate such changes. Any additional or revised changes will need to be agreed via email as these may incur additional costs.

So what does our process look like?

Our business is built around the notion of Collaboration. We use our knowledge and expertise as an addition or bolt on to your business to help you grow and expand in the most cost effective way possible. Whether this is via constructing or rebranding your website, changing your social media approach or creating effective Ad campaigns. One of our team will be there ready to help you all the way!

After our initial meeting, in person or via phone. A design brief will be produced and suggestions made regarding how best to approach the requested works. Some of the ideas from our representatives may seem crazy but please bare with us, we are not specialists in every business sector (No-one knows there business field better than you!) which is why we value Collaboration and Communication with yourselves.

A draft version of the requested proposal will then be created and issued back to yourself for review. We will however be relying on you to provide some context, content and images for any website or social media ads that you wish us to produce. Once we have your revised suggestions and comments we will then perform a second version for you to review, this will be the last version issued to yourselves prior to the completion of the Final Item.

Once the project is complete, we will spend time checking the information and content is correct prior to making the website or ad live.

How do we price our projects?

Any project work that you request Sussex Content Specialists to perform will be priced on an individual basis. The pricing is unique to each and every one of our clients due to the fact different content requests or website builds/rebranding vary in complexity and some will be more time consuming than others, therefore as a business we need to take this into account, as on this occasion one size definitely does not fit all. Upon completion of any projects, we have 14 day payment terms unless these are extended within your personalised agreement at the start of any piece of work.

Contracts and Invoicing:

Once the project has been agreed with our clients, a formal contract specifying the agreed works will be issued via email. We request that these contracts are signed prior to work commencing so there is clarity between all parties regarding what works are to be performed.

Within these contracts we will specify the agreed price which would have been previously quoted after your FREE CONSULTATION. We will invoice you throughout the course of the project unless agreed otherwise to prevent larger expenses towards the end of the project. No-one likes receiving a big bill!

What do we charge for?

We like to be transparent with our clients regarding what they may be charged for throughout the course of a project, so there is no surprise bills at the end.
We will invoice you for any travel costs incurred, time spent in meetings (Excluding the initial free consultation) and any agreed third party costs that may be incurred throughout the duration of a project.


Please remember If you have requested Sussex Content Specialists to design any graphics or social content, even after payment in full, unless we agree for us to give or sell it to you, we will have full ownership of any content produced. This is the copyright law so if any of our work is misused or misrepresented we can legally withhold the design. Read more here:

Average Costs:

Social Content:
Graphics – From as low as £30.00 Per Graphic (2-4 Day Turn Around)
Blogs – From as low as £75.00 Per Blog
Event Photography and Videography – From as low as £300.00

Maintenance Contracts:
Websites – From as low as £150.00 a month
Social Media – From as low as £200.00 a month

Personal Costings:

Event Photography – From as low as £300.00
Video Work – From as Low as £400.00 (3 Hours Filming)
Software Demonstrations – From as low as £25.00 per hour
Making Memories – From as low as £30.00

Our Commercial Fixed Packages

Cluster Package
From £225.00

“Think Big, Start Small”

To Include:

– Current Social Media analysis and recommendation report

– Creation and Re-Branding of Social Sites of your choosing. 

– 3 Initial Posts promoting product or service of choice
(Text or Graphic Only)

Star Analysis Package
From £575.00

“Measure, Manage, Multiply”

To Include:

– Full Analysis of current Website, Search Engine Optimisation and Social Media.

– Competitor Analysis of 3 companies.

– Full Report and Recommendations

– Discounted implementation cost of any works resulting from Analytical Package.

Digital Direction Package
From £975.00

“One Brand, One Presence, One Direction”

To Include:

– A Local Search Engine Optimisation Analysis

– Website Analysis

– Competitor Analysis (Up to 3)

-Social Media Analysis

– Social Media Management
(1 month)

– Digital analytics report